Tanning treatments

The very best sunbed tanning services
and beautiful instant tan

Sunbed Tanning

White I Brite twist stand up sunbed

The I Brite has a unique blend of four phosphors giving the lamp its impressive exclusive “ice bright glow” designed and developed to give both visually stunning looks and unbeatable tanning results.

It delivers a deep luxurious tan, moisturises the skin to produce instant results.

Natura Green Light Fusion Vitamin D Stand Up Sunbed

The green light sunbed is an effective way to build a beautiful tan with anti-ageing treatment at the same time. Pigmentation is improved and it also helps with dark circles and discolouration of the skin due to its higher UVB content.

The specialised green wavelengths help to rejuvenate skin, fade freckles, liver spots and other hyper pigmentation associated with ageing, green light also helps soothe and calm the body.

Pink Light Collatan Twist Stand Up Sunbed

Pink light soothes the skin and helps boost collagen production whilst you tan.

Collatan lamps are 75% tanning lamp and 25% collagen lamp giving the customer a kinder tan. Having the benefits of added collagen helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, stimulates natural collagen for rejuvenated younger looking skin while also giving a great tan!

This sunbed provides you with more than just tanning. It combines the four major wavelengths:
- UVA - bronzing of the skin
- UVB - stimulates the melanin and adds essential Vitamin D
- Red light therapy - collagen producing to revitalise and soothe.
- Blue light therapy( small amount) for blemish free skin

Why Choose the Collatan Twist?
- Younger looking skin
- Smoothing of fine lines
- Aids skin conditions such as eczema
- Helps acne scarring,
- Boosts circulation
- Premium tanning results

Maximum Strength Blue Light Lie Down Sunbed

maximum tanning new lie down sunbedThe latest addition to our tanning range.

The blue light lie down sunbed is our most powerful. Etched at 225 watts with in built facial tanners and the latest state of the art body cooling system.

It even talks to you!

Megasun 800 Hybrid

The powerhouse combining the benefits of different spectral variants.

We are delighted to offer the first Megasun 8000 to Harrogate.

Exclusive to Tankind and Harrogate.

A tanning bed like no other, choose how you tan, The last word in innovative, intelligent tanning.
With 50 tanning lamps, 16 of which are collagen boosting, 4 facial lamps, 2 extra high pressure shoulder tanners, 70 hyper red beauty boosters regulate the moisture content of the skin and stimulate natural collagen formation.

Spray Tan - introducing Vita Liberata and California Tan

What makes Vita Liberata unique? Organic, cruelty-free, non-toxic, always natural, always clean, always flawless.

With three shades and a rapid tan available, what's your choice?

Or, come and tan Californian style! Choose from three shades to suit your own uniqe skin tone.

California Tan Revved - Not for the faint hearted!

This is the darkest deepest shade of bronzing suitable for body builders.

Self-tanning treatments

Vita Liberata, spray tan instant mousse and lotion also available.

All of our sunbeds use EU approved 0.3 tanning lamps.
Tankind Harrogate is proud to be a member of The Sunbed Association